What’s with…
1. crop tops
2. tights/leggings with tops that don’t cover the bum?



As we move into spring, summer, and fall, we can’t help but start thinking about all those wedding gifts we’ll need to buy. The question of what to get then remains.

When giving wedding gifts, I’ve never been a fan of registry gifts. I find them impersonal and often the bride and groom picks items that they don’t really want in order to offer their guests a variety of price points.

I want my gift to be unique and memorable, so I often buy the newlyweds something they can use to help them get through that first year of marriage.

Whether in the city or out of the city, I like to get the bride and groom a gift certificate for a retreat. However, there are some important things to consider when getting a gift certificate for a friend:

 • Make sure it there is no expiration date (my goal is for the bride and groom to use the gift certificate on their first anniversary. However, I have also surprised a couple by getting a gift certificate for a play in Las Vegas that I knew they hadn’t budgeted for).

 • Ensure that the gift certificate covers enough that the couple won’t have to spend more if they don’t want to (i.e. one night in a hotel and dinner – driving distance from their home).

• Do the research (find a location that the couple would want to go to).

• Be resourceful (if you want to spend more than your budget allows, try to get someone to go in on the gift with you – this could allow you to add extras like a couples massage).

Lightweight, breathable, stylish, and no need for sunscreen!

Let’s face it, who remembers to reapply their sunscreen (until it’s too late)!

For years I’ve been watching my cousins deck their kids out in florescent UV clothing and hats (sorry, but those clothes are by no means stylish and your kids look foolish).

I used to wonder why they would put their children through such humility. However, in principle, these clothes are very smart. When I wear sunscreen, I have to put it on early enough that I can apply it while naked and ensure it’s worked in before I put on my clothes (because let’s be honest, I’m not concerned as much with the “apply 30 minutes before leaving the house” rule as I am with the fact that sunscreen can stain your clothes). Then there’s the obvious other negative to sunscreen, I’m often forgetting to reapply. As someone who spends a lot of time outside during the summer, I am very aware of  how much sun exposure I am getting because as much as I love a nice tan, I don’t want to look like a California Raisin in another few years.

I recently saw a group of very stylish pre-teens in UV clothing that was actually trendy! This got me looking at UV clothing differently. The trick is to find something that is breathable in the heat, loose (but still has a shape), and not heinous looking.

To my surprise, I found out that stylish UV clothing is out there. So, get yourself a UV jersey and the next time you forget to put sunscreen on 30min before leaving the house, just throw on your well designed UV jersey.

It’s time to look hotter than a sunburn!

The Rume All is the black one

On a recent trip to New York, I packed three purses; my designer Hobo Bag, a stylish clutch, and my Rume All. As it turns out, I only needed my Rume All.


Whether we were in a store, museum, or restaurant, my Rume all was like an organized Mary Poppins carpet bag.  I had my insulated Klean Kanteen in one pocket, my blackberry in another, my hotel key and Daily Candy guide book in the front, and extra Rumes, my wallet, hand sanitizer, and tissues in the main pocket.


Now that I am back home, I find I have yet to change over my daily purse to my trendy hobo bag. No matter where I’m going, my Black Rume All seems to blend in. If that weren’t good enough, it fits everything and is easy to carry.

This bag is starting to replace my other purses!

Finally, as an additional bonus, I noticed a girl today checking out my bag and I could tell it was one of those “hmmm, what’s that bag” and not one of those “ewww, what was she thinking” looks.


“A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it, there is ALWAYS something at the bottom to surprise you!” – Billy Connelly

Ever wonder what to wear with jeans, tight pants, or skirts when sandals just won’t do?

I had heard about Toms for a while, but until a recent trip to New York, I had never found a pair that I was willing to try out. I bought a pair of Toms’ Glitters and proceeded to wear them all over New York. Not only were my Toms comfortable to walk in, but I got compliments wherever I went…and as a bonus, I knew that my purchase was also socially responsible.

Whether you’re searching for a gift for a friend or simply a find for yourself, Toms’ shoes are comfortable, yet stylish and ethical.

Check out the Toms’ website to find out more about their One for One program, where their shoes are made, and the styles of shoes available (at $54, how can you go wrong!)



“if you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one.” – Mother Teresa

I’ve finally created an opportunity to share a few of my favourite finds (ideally in an engaging way).

Like many, I love to shop! But more specifically, I love seeking out unique and practical finds at a great value.

Check out lindsay gets it for gift ideas, unique finds, time savers, and sales!