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How do you like your coffee?

I was once laughed at in Australia for trying to order a Venti coffee. According to the Barrista, “no one can drink that much coffee.” My guess is that she had never been to North America.

Whether your drink tea or coffee, chances are you drink one of the two at least daily.

Whether you buy your tea/coffee or make it yourself, the Planetary Designs Double Shot French Press allows you to stop buying tea bags and coffee filters, cut down on cleaning various coffee and tea makers, and even get a discount when out for a drink with friends!

My favourite part about this mug (and the reason it makes a unique gift), is the secret compartment that holds extra coffee grounds or loose tea. So now when you’re on the run and need a coffee fix, you simply drop in the coffee grounds stored in the secret compartment, add hot water and go (this comes in especially handy when, like me, you leave your mug at work and find yourself having to make it at work as opposed to at home before leaving for work).

With this mug, my drinks stay hot for a long time, I save money whether I make the drinks myself or buy them at a coffee shop, it fits easily into my car’s cup holders, and the colours make it so stylish that I get comments wherever I go – what’s not to love!

Give this gift to anyone who is stylish, enjoys having a drink in hand, or appreciates saving even a few cents on a daily basis.

$35 CDN – check out retailers at http://www.planetarydesign.us/


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