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Every winter I have to prepare my body for the side effects of this season.  

As the cold winds circulate the dry air and my furnace creates a moisture deprived atmosphere inside, my skin starts turning a pre-flake white before the cracking, flaking, and alligator skin comes into full force.

After years of trying all these different moisturizers claiming to give you “baby soft” skin and to help fight the “alligator skin” and after drinking my 8×8 glasses of water a day, I thought my only solace would be to wait for the summer to return at the end of each winter.

This was before I encountered Blue Mountain Soap Company’s Body Butter. One fall day last year, I watched my cousin rub a product on her daughter’s eczema prone skin with a deodorant stick. Curious, I asked her what it was. She told me that it was Body Butter from Blue Mountain Soap Company and it has done wonders on keeping her daughter’s eczema at bay (or at least under control).

Intrigued, I bought some body butter for myself. I was almost instantly sold when my package was delivered with a personalized note and a free bar of soap (off to a good start already). It, without question, took a while to get used to rubbing a deodorant stick up and down my legs (especially after it crumbled a little on the first use). However, after the first use, the body butter rounds at the tip and it glides on much easier. I used this product all winter and to my surprise (I still wonder if other factors could have been at play), my summer tan did not flake off, I did not have any cracks or scales, and my legs were smooth and itch free all winter!

I now keep about 10 sticks of body butter on hand so I can give them out as gifts (esp. to pregnant friends). The only reason I’m hesitant to give out the body butter too frequently is that if I am travelling with friends or if anyone comes over and ends up “playing” in my toiletries, I find that my body butter often stays untouched and unharmed as it is mistaken for my deodorant.

My secret winter weapon against dry skin is safely hidden (unless any of you start rifling through my toiletries).


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